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Old Morris Farm

"Inspired by brothers, created by family"

Brothers Alex & Ryan


Ryan is only a few seconds older than his brother. His passion is taking care of all farm animals and hopes to be a veterinarian one day. He loves to sing to his horse Rosie while caring for her and the goats make him laugh out loud! Ryan loves to sing so much he has his own Youtube channel! Ryan really enjoys helping with making the goat milk soap and his favorite soap scent is Japanese Cherry Blossom.

Alex is the brother who asks the most questions. His overall favorite animal on the farm is his horse Lucy. He is very independent and is very proud that he is able to perform almost all horse related chores without any help. Alex’s loves all the goats.....well....and all the other farm animals too! His favorite soap scent is Patchouli.

When Ryan and Alex are not working on their school work, they are out on the farm enjoying all it has to offer. Together, our every day involves feeding the animals, collecting eggs, incubating chicks, brushing the horses and even scooping poop! In the evenings, we spend time as a family soaping! 


We love that our family time provides products for your family! Thank you for the support!

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