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We are still growing our herd so limited doe kids will be available. Doe kids range from $350-450.


Wethers (castrated males) are available for $175.

All kids sold will be disbudded, tattooed and vaccinated for CD/T before leaving the farm.  Coccidiosis preventative is also given to kids periodically until weaned. All kids are sold “AS IS”. You have the opportunity to evaluate your kids prior to taking possession. If you are picking up, you have come to the farm. At any part of the process, we are happy to arrange an independent veterinary evaluation, at your expense, to confirm the health of our goats. Once they have left our hands, they become your goats, and your responsibility.


2023 Breeding Schedule!

Pen bred due to our move!

March 31st to Ole Yankee Farm Sea Captain (Confirmed by blood test)

Old Morris Farm Gretta

Old Morris Farm Mimi

Ole Yankee Farm Ginny

Feb 28th to Valley's-Edge Elvis Been Spotted (Pending)

Ole Yankee Farm Franny

Feb 28th to Valley's-Edge Frank Sinatra (Pending)

Ole Yankee Farm Dotty

Ole Yankee Farm Josey

Sunnydale Farm Laura

1/20/23 to Ole Yankee Farms TBL  Indie Male (Pending)

Mini Nubian Tilly

Mini Nubian Daphne

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