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Our Goats

Nigerian Dwarfs

Nigerian dwarfs are pint-sized and charming, but they can also work triple duty: They not only provide milk and make compost for gardens; they’re also perfect candidates for families with young children because of their size. They are great pets! 

Milk wise, they produce a creamy milk that is high in butter fat. It is perfect for cooking, soaping and drinking!

Mini Nubians

The Mini-Nubian is a mid-sized goat being of mixed Nigerian and Nubian origin.  They are a mid-sized goat and a good size upgrade from the Nigerian Dwarf for families that need more milk. They produce more milk than the dwarf and maintain the quality of milk whose butterfat yield is similar to that of the standard Nubian.

The Mini has the beautiful head of the Nubian and of course those FLOPPY EARS we all love! 

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